Persona is a band from Barcelona formed by Òscar and Desirée since 2005, when they included a song called “Bellum Vitae Tenebris” on Koji Tano Tribute Compilation by Steinklang Industries. The name of the band was inspired by the movie of the swedish director Ingmar Bergman. The word comes from the etrurian, greek and latin tradition of theater and means character (according to this tradition of the ancient tragedies and mask roles). The band practices several styles covered between Dark Ambient, Industrial and Experimental. The sound of Persona includes dark atmospheric ambiances, lyrical melodies, solemn percussions and noisy backgrounds. Some lyrics are poems made by the band members and some other are excerpts of texts or poems by writers such as Rimbaud, Hölderlin, Nietzsche, Maragall, etc. Persona is a conceptual work that combines the visual artwork and the music in which they treat topics such as death, isolation, mankind’s timeless worries, nature, mythology, alchemy and occultism, history, art. Persona inspirations are their land’s culture, art, poetry, cinema, and literature. They give importance to the sonorities of different languages and they have lyrics in catalan, german, french, occitan and more. Persona has participated in several compilation releases and has played on live concerts with bands such as A Challenge of Honour, Barditus, Ataraxia, Death in June… Their releases by the moment are Selbstmord, Llibertat, Temps de Mort, Ruïnes, Sota setge: memòria de Sant Ferran  and Resistència
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