Nuhg is a musical project based in sound experimentation, formed by Vred, The Roofman and Elías Merino in 2009 in Madrid. The mix of the experience of each member of the project has made a composition where the analogycal and digital synthesis, field records, string instruments, object manipulation and garbage has made music to perform in live acts. The first record of Nuhg was born in January 2010, entitled “Timeless Corridor”, recorded live and structured in Dark Ambient, Industrial and Noise passages. Currently the project is recording its second album.
 Members: Elías Merino composes principally Dark Ambient. He composed the contemporary dance opus “Ave María” performed several times in Conservatorio de Danza de Madrid and took part in the Trip-hop experimental Homeworks”. After these two projects, he released hi first solo album named “Throes”, a way of spectral sound inspired by Romanticism. Currently he is composing two albums “Bóveda” and “Kid fun área” that will be released in 2010. “Kid fun area” is being done in collaboration with The Roofman based in sounds garbage, circuit bending and claustrophobic atmospheres. Antonio Quesada, aka Vred, plays music since 1997 as guitarist and composer in bands as Shaigon, K-hole, and currently in Declarelaguerrenucleaire. He gives the project an acoustic and instrumental smell to Nuhg. He usually composes in Post-Punk, New Wave or Garage styles, but in Nuhg he puts different influences as delicate analogic electronics. He tooks part of the music distribution company Redrum dedicated to underground advanced and dark music. The Roofman, pseudo name of Alejandro Moreno, starts in 2007 with a wide spectre of influences recording "Influence 1.0" at the end of 2009. Together with Vred in the project Adhar he released three works: "Dune", "290109" and "Buried files". He is currently working in his next album "Manthos", also in "Kid fun Area" with Elias Merino and "Robotic activity", under the name of NoHuman, project between Acid, Glitch 8bits and Industrial.


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